get what?

in response to ishita's post to me on facebook. 



recently at home..


Recaptcha's audio verification really takes garbled text to another level. I'm finding it difficult to prove I'm human. Hear.


call ASAP!


never thought i'd find this in coonoor

at the restaurant La Belle Vie in Coonoor.


surveillance secrets

Object bent into/out of shape with teeth (Sachin) and pliers (Sindhu).


the underwater train chain game

the swing




Young Rato Monk Memorizing

Rato Monk Memorizing by Nicholas Vreeland is part of the series Photos for Rato, currently showing at the Tasveer Gallery in Bangalore.


BBMP art

I'm doing a film project based on the BBMP wall murals in Bangalore. I've been walking around the city looking at the paintings and photographing them. If you're from Bangalore: do you have any favourite paintings? Send me a short description and location, I'd like to go and see!


- this is by masood kamandy.



a water story from an oral history class

The Dharmambudhi Tank Area (presently Majestic bus stand) is the heart of Bangalore City, going form a tank to an exhibition ground to a bus stand in the last 100 years. Now, at a time when it is about to take on its newest avatar, that of a metro station, three people - a priest of a temple once situated at its banks, an erstwhile high-schooler of a Gandhi Nagar school and the wife an engineer who worked on the KSRTC bus stand - express their memories hopes and fears of the tank area and of urban development at large.

This film was made as part of the Water Stories project for the Talking Histories course at Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology. It was based on oral history interviews with the three people in the film and with Master Hirannaiah, a famous theatre performer here in Karnataka. If you are interested in hearing the full interviews, please contact me.